What have the parliamentary candidates got to say about cycling? Part 1: Labour.

Cycle Lewes contacted the offices of local candidates for the upcoming general election with a series of questions regarding cycling and cycling related issues.

Disappointingly, only Labour has responded so far. Indeed, it’s no secret that some parties don’t even had any sustainable transport or cycling-related policies, somethat that’s deeply shortsighted in this day and age.

Anyway, this is what we got from Labour candidate Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

“Thank you for contacting me recently regarding cycling.

I agree we need to do more to make cycling safer and more accessible. Cycling can offer real benefits to our environment, our economy and people’s health and I know that many local people feel strongly about the need to promote cycling in our area.

If elected I will consider carefully about joining the all party group on this matter to promote cycling.

I have been disappointed that the current Government have not made cycling a higher transport priority over the last five years and have failed to provide the certainty and focus we need on this.

A Labour Government, however, will develop a National Cycling Action Plan to promote cycling and will reintroduce national standards to reduce road deaths and serious injuries, which were dropped by the current Government. We will also ensure that large road vehicles are adequately equipped to reduce the risk of collision and that all children and young people are educated in cycling safety.

Labour will take wider action to reduce road deaths and injuries, including encouraging local authorities to adopt 20mph limits on residential roads where appropriate and introducing cycle safety assessments on all new transport schemes. We will also devolve control over transport spending to local authorities so that communities can better deliver on local priorities.

We will work to improve the condition of local roads, which have been allowed to deteriorate significantly since 2010. This deterioration has made conditions more difficult for cyclists.

Campaigns such as ‘Cities Fit for Cycling’ and organisations including Sustrans and CTC have really helped to raise awareness of cycling safety over recent years. I believe we now need a Labour Government to take this forward and to make cycling a key transport priority.

I have responded to CTC, the national cycling charity who contacted me with their survey and my answers to their questions are outlined below. The policy measures called for are in line with the recommendations of the parliamentary ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report, which has received strong cross-party backing.

1. Ambition – I will support measures to increase levels of cycling to 10% of trips by 2025 and 25% by 2050.

2. Funding – I will support an average government spend of at least £10 per person per year on cycling.

3. Design standards – I will support action to create consistently high design standards for cycling in all highway and traffic schemes, new developments and planned road maintenance work.

4. Safety – I will you support measures to improve cycle safety by strengthening road traffic law and its enforcement and revising the Highway Code.

5. Positive promotion – I will support the positive promotion of cycling, including cycle skills training, for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.”

Thanks Mr Russell-Moyle.

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