The Cliffe High Street conundrum

Artists impression for proposed plan

An artist’s impression from the development stage of the Living Cliffe Scheme. Note the complete absence of motor vehicles, and wide pavements.

Back in May, members of Cycle Lewes, working with members of Lewes Living Streets and residents of Cliffe, did a survey of usage of the Cliffe High St pedestrian zone.

We* have been busy collating the data, corresponding with various parties and writing a report. We hope to start presenting the information soon, and energising the campaign.

In the meantime, the past few months have also seen a very dynamic comments thread on the same theme over on Streetlife, here. So if you have any experiences of problems on the Cliffe pedestrian zone get involved with that thread, or if you don’t like to be quite so public, do email us here on


*When I say we, I mean Sheila – thank you Sheila for all the work.

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