Our aims

Our overall aim is to promote cycling, particularly in and around Lewes. The group works for:

  • policies that encourage cycling, especially those that form part of an overall strategy to reduce the impact of motor vehicles,
  • better transport, commuting and leisure facilities for cyclists and policies that are not to the detriment of pedestrians and mobility-impaired people,
  • A reduction in road danger, especially to cyclists,
  • Improved links with public transport operators.

Join us
Membership of Cycle Lewes costs just £5 per person per year. More information can be found on our membership page.

We’ll also stay in touch about our activities in and around Lewes. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, want further information about membership or have any other queries, contact us via our contact page.

Formed in 1998 by Becky Reynolds and Tony Green, the group was originally called Lewes Cycling Forum, but changed its name to Cycle Lewes to reflect the fact that it took a more active stance. Subsequently Lewes cyclists Colin Brades, Tim and Anne Locke and Amanda Burgess were most closely involved.

Becky and Tony, who moved to Brighton in 2004, continue to campaign for improved conditions for cyclists in East Sussex through their work with Bricycles and CTC.

Another founder member, Ian Cairns, moved to Seaford and, inspired by Cycle Lewes, established Cycle Seahaven.

Cycle Lewes was relaunched in March 2013 and the new committee is now working hard to be an effective voice for local cyclists.