Weʼre raising £5,000 to produce a design for a Low Traffic High Street in Lewes – a design which puts people before cars, and which has support across the community and can be implemented as soon as funds become available.

Our High Street is blighted by traffic which is noisy, polluting and dangerous .  Our vision is for a sustainable, cleaner, greener and healthier town to live and do business in.

There has been lots of talk about the problem. We want to design a solution. Please donate and help us make this a reality.

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Who are we?

We are two community groups: Lewes Living Streets and Cycle Lewes, who have been active in Lewes for over 10 years and who have now come together with support from local councillors to work for these changes. 

We are working with representatives from Friends of Lewes, Transition Town Lewes, Chamber of Commerce, independent traders, Access Group and residents’ groups, and representatives from Town, District and County Councils.

Things can only get worse!

Over the next few years, new housing development in and around the town is likely to result in even more motorised traffic (up to 1000 vehicles) if all these people use their cars to travel into town.  

We are in the midst of a climate emergency and need to reduce our carbon emissions. Electric cars are better but not the solution; they still produce harmful pollution, congestion and danger.

The Lewes Neighbourhood Plan talks about reducing traffic. We want to make this a reality in what should be (and once was) the social heart of the town – the High Street. 

The Answer

We must plan and design for the future:  reduce motor traffic while maintaining access for those that need to drive, and make the High Street a pleasant place to walk, cycle, shop and socialise.

All over the UK and globally, neighbourhoods, towns and cities are being transformed from places where motor traffic dominates to places for people. We know our vision is shared by many in the town. Let’s make it a reality.


Your donation will pay for the development of a fully costed design for the High Street’s transformation.  It will be developed by leading transport designers with the involvement/engagement of Lewes residents and business over a 12 month period, starting July this year. 

We have already raised £8500 to carry out a Shoppers Survey, a Through-traffic Survey and some preliminary design work. This work will start in July.

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Please participate in our survey

We want to know about the shopping and spending habits of people in (and around) Lewes and particularly how much they use what we call Lewes Centre – Lewes High Street from the Bottleneck (Keere St) down School Hill and across to the pedestrianized Precinct and Cliffe High Street). We also want to get their views on some possible changes to the High Street/School Hill.

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